UO @ UW Football Photos 2003

The Dean of Pac-10 Coaches
Mike Bellotti wanders the sidelines.

Canon 10D, Canon 300mm 2.8IS

mike bellotti

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  pregame huddle dawgs and ducks isaiah stanback sammie parker stiffarms sam cunningham ducks in the huddle mike bellotti shelton sampson reggie williams field goal attempt manase hopoi goes flying shelton sampson finds the hole kenny james cuts back ben bandel goes flying shelton sampson celebrates stifling defense terry johnson casey paus fills in for pickett kenny james rips a 56 yard run shelton sampson breaks free john pettas congratulates kenny james marquis cooper sacks jason fife owen biddle levels the oregon qb carothers and biddle celebrate the sack reggie and et celebrate husky legend D'Marco farr
  sampson breaks free for a 77 yard score sampson breaks free for a 77 yard score terry johnson forces a fumble greg carothers heads the other way... with the ball brandon ala celebrates a sack