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As part of a grand trip to Africa in November of 2007, I visited Rwanda and Tanzania. While the Tanzania portion of the trip was reserved for a true safari excursion, the Rwanda visit was schedule specifically with mountain gorillas in mind.

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species only found in the wild and only found in East Africa, so this was an opportunity to come face to face with one of our planet's rare natural treasures. To make the most of the situation, two gorilla visits were planned, as well as a visit to see the endemic golden monkeys that inhabit nearby territory in Parc National Des Volcans.

Rwanda was a delightful surprise. The country is rugged, yet beautiful. The people are friendly, confident and seemingly content, despite the haunting memory of the atrocities that occurred there in the mid-90s. It was a wonderful experience, both from a cultural and natural standpoint.

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