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Baronette Peak
Dusted with snow throughout the year, Baronette Peak juts high above the northeastern corner of Yellowstone. Baronette is the best place to spot mountain goats, which are not native to Yellowstone, and bighorn sheep. The Druid wolf pack has also roamed the area near Baronette in recent years.

Canon 20D, Canon 100-400mm IS

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Baronette Peak

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  Baronette Peak bison Soda Butte aspens bluebird bluebird flying bighorn sheep bighorn ram pronghorn running pronghorn male coyote trotting coyote closeup pronghorn females bison dancing frozen puddle willows bison in the Lamar elk silhouette chipmunk mule deer grizzly bear prints Druid wolf lichen pronghorn silhouette river
  bluebird bighorn closeup bighorn ram bighorns immature bald eagle eagle in flight eagle art