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2024 Nature and Wildlife Calendars

2024 Nature & Wildlife Calendars

2024 photo calendars are now on sale!  I have nine different themes to choose from, including five new themes with all new images.  Preview and order the calendars here.


Proboscis MonkeySecrets of Borneo

My newest tour takes us to Malaysian Borneo in search of some of the most elusive and exotic creatures found in the tropics. This tour avoids sanctuaries, and instead focuses on rare species, including five species of wild cats, eight different civets, Bornean orangutans, and more.

The tour is limited to only four spots, to maximize comfort and photo opportunities in a challenging rainforest environment.

Learn more about the 2025 Borneo tour!

Alaska Peninsula Brown BearsAlaska Brown Bears

I’ll be returning to Alaska in 2025 and 2026, leading two different photo experiences with coastal brown bears.

In 2025 we’ll stay at a private lodge, away from the main tourist traffic, as we photograph spring bears (and hopefully their cubs). This remote locations offers fantastic bear viewing while keeping us isolated from day visitors. It’s truly an exclusive experience.

In 2026 we’ll return to the popular private lodge I’ve used on past trips, this time aiming for the late summer salmon run. Each of these trips offers a different experience, filled with fantastic bear photography.

Learn more about the Alaska tours.

Costa Rica Photo TourCosta Rica Wildlife Photo Tour

My longest-running international tour is back in 2025. The “Quetzals to Corcovado” tour has offered one of the best mixed wildlife experiences of any photo tour in Costa Rica, taking us from the highland cloud forests, to the Caribbean slope, to the Pacific coast. It gives participants a chance to photograph mammals, birds, and even macro subjects.

This tour also boasts the unique and somewhat rugged Corcovado extension. Based at a research station, we have a unique opportunity to explore the best wildlife spot in the entire country with one of the world’s best wildlife trackers.

Learn more about the 2025 Costa Rica tour.

Red-Eyed Tree FrogNature and Wildlife Photography Tours

I try to offer a variety of tours to various wildlife-rich destinations.  These trips rarely focus on one particular subject, instead bringing us in contact with a wide range of species.

Tour destinations include:

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Costa Rica
  • South America: Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Guyana
  • Africa: South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia
  • Great Bear Rainforest
  • Alaska
  • Borneo

Learn more about my tours and see what’s available!

Yellowstone Wildlife Guide