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Visit the store to purchase gift items featuring my photography.  Items include calendars, shirts, maps, guides, books and more.

2023 Nature and Wildlife wall calendars

2023 Nature & Wildlife Calendars

2023 photo calendars are now on sale!  I have nine different themes to choose from, including five new themes with all new images.  Preview and order the calendars here.


PumaPumas of Patagonia 2023 Photo Tour

I’m returning to southern Chile to lead one of my favorite trips: the Wild Pumas of Patagonia tour. This tour offers photographers one of the best opportunities to see big wild cats on foot, as we explore the area in and around Torres del Paine for the king of the Andes.

This tour is scheduled later in the season than most puma tours, which means fewer tourists and other photographers are around, and the autumn scenery is spectacular. We always seem to come away with more cat sightings on these trips than most tours, and those are complemented by many other animal species. After a successful 2022 tour, I am offering this trip again in 2023.

Learn more about the 2023 Patagonia tour. There is 1 spot left!

Cats of Mongolia: Snow Leopard & Pallas’s Cat

Cats of Mongolia Photo Tour

Following a successful scouting trip to Mongolia, I’m excited to present this unique opportunity to seek out two of the world’s most elusive felines!

The Cats of Mongolia tour will give us a chance to find and photograph the shy and mysterious Pallas’s cat, followed by a mountain adventure in pursuit of the mystical snow leopard! In addition to the cats, we’ll be on the lookout for foxes, owls, eagles, mustelids and other unique species found in Mongolia.

Learn more about the 2024 Mongolia tour.

Yellowstone Photo Tours in Spring, Fall & Winter

Join me on a photo adventure in the world’s first national park! Yellowstone is home to abundant wildlife (it’s probably the best location for general wildlife in the Lower 48), and even has some landscape photo opportunities as well.

Our tours shift focus depending on the season, with spring being more wildlife-centric, while the autumn and winter tours offer more opportunities for landscapes. Our next tours are Yellowstone Spring Wildlife (June 2023), followed by winter and spring trips in 2025.

Learn more about the Winter tour.
Learn more about the Spring tour.

Red-Eyed Tree FrogNature and Wildlife Photography Tours

I try to offer a variety of tours to various wildlife-rich destinations.  These trips rarely focus on one particular subject, instead bringing us in contact with a wide range of species.

Tour destinations include:

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Costa Rica
  • South America: Brazil, Chile and Ecuador
  • Africa: South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia
  • Great Bear Rainforest
  • The Pacific Northwest

Learn more about my tours and see what’s available!

Yellowstone Wildlife Guide

Travel Destinations

I have always enjoyed sharing photos and information from my trips in hopes of inspiring and helping others who love travel and wildlife.  Find more information about some of my favorite destinations below.

Yellowstone White WolfYellowstone National Park

Yellowstone photos, videos and other travel information about America’s first national park.  Take advantage of Max’s experience and get advice on where to find wildlife in the park, what camera gear to take and what to pack in general.

Visit Max’s Yellowstone Information page.

Squirrel monkey, Costa RicaCosta Rica

See photos and videos from Max’s trips to Costa Rica, and get information and helpful travel advice from a seasoned traveler.  You’ll find info on what camera gear to bring, what supplies to pack and how to prepare for this rugged but beautiful country.

Visit Max’s Costa Rica information page.

Lion cubTrip Summaries and Travel Information

Get information and advice on lodging, transportation, food, photography and more.  Max has compiled trip summaries from the various destinations he has visited over the years, including travels to Africa, Latin America, New Zealand, Europe and more.

Visit Max’s travel information page.