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Yellowstone 2015 Spring Trip Reports

Yellowstone Wolf

As I write this, my new website design isn’t even live yet.  I’m hoping that all of the content will be migrated to the new server in the coming days, or at least by the time I reach Yellowstone.

It’s time for my annual spring adventures in the park.  As many of you know, I’ve faithfully posted trip reports from Yellowstone going on ten years or so.  Though I’ve wisely cut back in recent years–no more nightly posts, and no long wordy entries while I’m leading tours–I do still like to share what’s happening in Yellowstone.  One of the biggest changes with my new website design is the introduction of this blog, which will allow me to post my reports directly to my site for the first time.

Whenever the new design goes live, it’s going to be a bit confusing for all of us (including myself).  New layout, new formatting, new features… and some of the areas of the site (the photo archive in particular) will seem incomplete.  But I’m hoping to start using the blog immediately, so I hope you’ll stay tuned and will check back for my trip reports, posted live from Yellowstone in the coming weeks.

This will be my longest Yellowstone trip to date, approximately six weeks.  Since May 2007, I’ve visited the park during the last two weeks of the month, and occasionally into early June, as it’s often the peak time for wildlife.  This year we’re heading out a bit early, in part to get in a little more shooting before the Memorial Day crowds hit (they were a nightmare last year).  Also, I’m going to be extremely busy with tours beginning the last week of the month and extending all the way into the latter half of June.  So it’s an extended adventure this time around, and should be a lot of fun.


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