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New Photos: Washington Parks & Reserves 2015

As we get the new site going, I’ll slowly be uploading images to the archive.  This process is going to take a while.  I have to go back and keyword thousands of old images in my collection to ensure they’re searchable.  For now, I’ve started with a few smaller galleries featuring some of the images from my recent local outings.

Among these is the Washington Parks & Reserves 2015 gallery, found in the Pacific Northwest collection.  This gallery contains photos taken earlier this year during a couple of bird photography outings.  I visited Carnation twice to search for a couple of Northern pygmy owls, and I also made my first trip of the year to Yost Park in search of Barred owls.  The Yost trip was not as successful, but I did have a Hairy woodpecker working over a tree for a bit.

Here are a few preview photos:

Northern Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl

Hairy Woodpecker

Remember, you can view the entire gallery here.  And now with the new website, you can order prints of or license any image in the archive!


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