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Client Photos: The Work of the Dien Family

The final of my spring Yellowstone tours in June was a week-long trip, hosting the Dien family.  Phil, Cathy, Rob, Lexi and Michelle joined me on their very first visit to Yellowstone, so they were excited and eager to soak in as much of a broad wildlife experience as possible.  The park, as it usually is in spring, was able to fulfill that wish and then some.  The week was highlighted by a number of special encounters, from an active coyote den to multiple bears with new cubs to mountain goats and wild horses outside of the park.  It was a real treat to spend the week with such a great family.  Below, Phil, Cathy and Rob share some of their photo highlights from the trip.

Canada geese at sunrise by Phil Dien

Bighorn Sheep by Cathy Dien

Osprey with catch by Robert Dien

Mountain Goats by Cathy Dien

Black bear cub by Phil Dien

Coyote Pup by Robert Dien

Wild Horses by Phil Dien

Here’s what Phil, Cathy and Rob had to say about the trip:

“I had a wonderful time in and around Yellowstone with Max as a guide. We saw many more animals than we would have if touring on our own and Max’s knowledge was invaluable. Whether interested in getting photographs of sunlight filtering through the trees in the early morning fog, or finding wolves, bears, owls, and bighorn sheep to photograph, Max was able to make the most of our time in the park.  While many guides may just drive through the park and point out the wildlife, Max was willing to literally take us the extra mile(s) on foot treks into the woods to find wildlife; across alpine slopes 10,000 feet up off the Beartooth highway to photograph mountain goats; and into the scrubland in Wyoming to get beautiful pictures of the wild horses.  Making the effort and taking the time to watch and photograph the animals in seclusion while on our own (away from the roadside crowds) was priceless. I hope to take another trip with Max sometime (and somewhere) in the future.” – Robert D.

“It was such an awesome experience just being near the wildlife. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and appreciate all that you did to make our trip a huge success! Thank you again!” – Cathy D.

“Max was a phenomenal photo guide on our trip to Yellowstone. He has an intimate knowledge of the park and the local wildlife, and he was able to find amazing photo opportunities for us that we never could have discovered on our own. Some of our close encounters with bears, coyote pups, and the wild horses east of Yellowstone will be unforgettable memories.

Max’s extensive experience photographing exotic wildlife throughout the world and his enthusiasm for spotting wildlife made for an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable tour.” – Philip D.

If you are interested in joining me on a Yellowstone photo tour, please visit the tour website.

Images in this post are the copyrighted property of Philip, Cathy and Robert Dien and are used with permission.


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