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2016 Calendars: Little Yellowstone

Though I haven’t publicized it much, my 2016 calendars are already on sale on this website.  But there’s one calendar that isn’t available on this site, and can only be purchased near Yellowstone National Park.

Little Yellowstone is a calendar theme that I like to publish every couple of years.  This popular calendar features baby animals and other cute critters.  Here are a few preview images:

2016 Little Yellowstone calendar
Bison calf

Bighorn lamb

Coyote pups

Deer fawns

Black bear cub
This year I turned back the clock and used some images from older versions of the LY calendar.  Because I’m “recycling” the images in this calendar, it’s only available for purchase at one retail location: the Stop the Car Trading Post in Silver Gate, Montana.

The Stop the Car is located 1 mile outside the northeast entrance of Yellowstone.

And as of Tuesday, they only have two Little Yellowstone calendars left!  They also have some of my regular Yellowstone calendars.  So if you’re traveling to the park, be sure to visit Cheryl at the Stop the Car.  Pick up a calendar, peruse my collection of pre-matted photo prints and get a scoop of tasty Wilcoxson’s ice cream for the road!

To preview and order my other 2016 nature and wildlife calendars on this site, please click here.


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