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New Photos: McCullough Peaks Wild Horses

I’ve uploaded some brand new images to the photo archive.  First, it’s important to note that I’ve added a new collection, simply titled New Images.  This should be pretty self-explanatory, but it’s important to note that I’m reserving this space for brand new photos.  So I will not be including older photos as I upload them to the archive.  Regardless, all images–old and new–will be found in their respective “regional” collections (e.g., new Yellowstone photos will show up in both the New Images and Yellowstone & Grand Tetons collections).

Anyway, let’s talk wild horses!

This new gallery features all new images from my mid-June visit to the McCullough Peaks wild horses in Wyoming.  I had been out to visit the horses a couple times previously, with generally poor results (including an absolute fiasco in 2011 that involved multiple vehicles stuck in the mud!).  This was by far my best visit to date.  We tracked down a band over over 90 horses and spent time with them for one afternoon and on the following morning.  It was a lot of fun, especially when the action picked up.  Here are a few preview images.

Wild horses

Wild Horses

Wild Horses Fighting

Wild horses

Wild Horses

View the full gallery of 35 new wild horse images here.

And remember: you can now order photo prints of any photo in the archive!


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