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Photos Added: Yellowstone Fall 2014

I’ve added another Yellowstone gallery to the archive.  The Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Fall 2014 gallery features images from my 2014 autumn photo tour in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks, as well as some photos from the extra time I spent on my own.

The photo tour wasn’t wildlife specific, as we wanted to take advantage of the nice landscape opportunities presented in the area during the peak of the autumn color.  Aspens and cottonwoods are adorned in gold, orange and red hues at this time, so there’s some lovely scenery that can’t be ignored.  Naturally, we were on the lookout for wildlife as well.

I had my first good photo encounter with a pine marten, a lightning fast and elusive creature that’s barely given me the slip several times in the past.  After many years of longing for at least a couple good minutes with one, my wish was finally granted.

Pine Marten

Autumn is a great time to photograph moose, especially in the Grand Tetons.

Bull Moose

We had plenty of other animal encounters, including bison, trumpeter swans, great horned owls and a cooperative hunting coyote.


There were plenty of “animals in their environment” type of photo ops as well.

Bison and Grand Tetons


Canada Geese

Double-Crested Cormorant

And of course, we had to fit in at least one sunrise shoot at Oxbow Bend.

Oxbow Bend

View the entire Yellowstone & Grand Teton Fall 2014 gallery here.  And remember that you can now order prints from nearly any image in the archive.

If you’re interested in joining me on my 2015 Yellowstone/Grand Teton Fall Tour, co-led with professional photographer Zack Clothier, visit my tour website for more details.  We still have spots available!


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