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New Photos: Great Bear Rainforest 2015

The Great Bear Rainforest and Canada’s Pacific coast are a beautiful and somewhat underrated area for wildlife.  Last month I was joined there by a small group of clients to look for coastal wolves, sea otters and other animals.

The Great Bear Rainforest 2015 gallery contains 80 images from our week cruising the islands and inlets of this region.  It was my first visit that did not focus on bears, so it was a nice change of pace.  Despite the difficulty of seeing coastal wolves in the wild, we did have some good luck, particularly with one individual that came within 20 yards of our Zodiac.  We also had nice sightings of sea otters, harbor seals, mink, bald eagles and plenty of other birds.  Below are a few preview images, and you can check out the full gallery here.

Coastal Wolf

Sea Otters

Bald Eagle

Harbor Seal

Western Sandpiper

American Mink

View the entire Great Bear Rainforest 2015 gallery here.  And remember, you can now order prints of nearly any image in the archive.

If you’re interested in joining me on a future trip to this beautiful region, check out the Workshops & Tours page for information on future Spirit Bear and Coastal Wolf trips.


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