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Client Photos: Spring Yellowstone Group #2

Today I’m starting my fall tour in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  It should be an interesting adventure, given that our group has eight full days of photography ahead.  I figured this would be a good time to look back one of my last tours in the GYE.

My second Yellowstone spring tour group came together rather quickly, as I had a free week in the park and began advertising the trip pretty late. Nonetheless, we had four enthusiastic individuals ready to tackle the park. Many had been to Yellowstone previously, but wanted to see it in a new light and gain some new insights into what the park can offer in spring.

As usual, many folks in the group had individual wildlife goals, and we met nearly all of them. We were fortunate to photograph a fox den with five cute kits, we saw a black bear swimming with her two new cubs, we saw multiple great horned owls with owlets, found an active badger sett, had plenty of good bear action, and as with the previous week’s tour, we capped things off with a fantastic close wolf encounter.  Thanks to Betty, Brian, Leighton and Pat for a fun week!  Here are some of their favorites from the trip.

Bison by Pat Nowotny

Badger and kit by Brian Legge

Fox with kit by Betty Caldwell

Black bear with cubs by Pat Nowotny

Yellow-headed blackbird by Brian Legge

Pronghorn fawn by Leighton Chen

Yellow-bellied marmot by Brian Legge

Red Fox by Pat Nowotny

Here’s what my guests had to say about their tour experience:

“Max, I had a fantastic time on your trip and hope to accompany you again in the future.” – Leighton C.

I totally enjoyed my tour with Max and highly recommend it to any photographer who wants to experience much of the wildlife of Yellowstone. Max knows where they live, where they cross the river and where they are most likely to show up. I enjoyed our forays, was excited to experience so many animals as such close range and came home a better photographer. It is a rare experience to travel with someone who has the heart and passion of Max, and I treasured it.” – Betty C.

“You far exceeded my expectations. Your knowledge of the park and the behavior of the wildlife truly speaks to your expertise in wildlife photography. Glad I came, and can’t wait for the next trip!” – Pat N.

“If you’re in search of a great wildlife adventure in Yellowstone, I highly recommend Max Waugh as a tour guide! My second spring photo tour in a row didn’t disappoint. Max has an easy-going demeanor that contributes to a relaxed atmosphere of the tour, while at the same time putting in the extra hours and miles to maximize viewing and photo opportunities. Be prepared to get up early and spend a lot of time in the field with Max, you’ll certainly be rewarded.” – Brian L.


If you’d like to join me on a spring Yellowstone adventure, I’ve recently announced two new spring tours for 2016.  Please visit the tour website for more details.



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