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An Update on My 2016 – 2018 Photo Tours

Here’s a quick rundown of my upcoming photo tours, both domestic and abroad, and where we stand on available spots:

2016-18 Photo Tours with Max Waugh

Some important notes about some of these upcoming trips:


2016 promises to be a very busy year.  I have already filled several trips and have been forced to turn down several requests for additional tours and private workshops, so the 2016 schedule you see is pretty much set in stone.  The only tours next year that still have opens spots are:

2016 Spring Yellowstone Tours: I recently finalized dates and announced two spring Yellowstone trips for next year, to better accommodate clients’ potential travel windows.  This is my most popular trip, and falls during what is traditionally the best time of year to see and photography wildlife in Yellowstone.

2016 Southern Africa Safari: This tour is currently half full.  Note that we will have two safari vehicles at our disposal, promising more room for gear and for comfortable shooting.


2017 Galapagos Tour: Dates, prices and boat details for this trip have not been finalized, which is why I’m only accepting waiting list requests at this time.  Expect more details to be available next year.  One thing I can promise is that we’ll keep the boat small, and we’ll be using a “mid price” boat, in order to keep costs lower.  There will also be an optional extension to the Ecuadorian Amazon at the end of the Galapagos cruise.

Other 2017-18 Trips: Looking ahead, expect me to add information about brand new Africa safaris, coastal wolf tours, Latin America (Costa Rica and possibly Patagonia) and more in 2017 and 2018.  If you’re interested in hearing more about my future destinations, feel free to contact me.


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