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Photos Added: Yellowstone Winter 2012-13

I recently uploaded my first winter gallery to the archive’s Yellowstone collection.

The Yellowstone Winter 2012-13 gallery features photos taken from late December through mid-January.  This was a trip that was split between shooting on my own and leading a couple of private photo tours for clients.  Most of the trip featured numerous encounters with the more common winter denizens of the park–bison, bighorn sheep, moose, etc.–but there were some major highlights provided by a few of the rarer species, including my best ermine shoot to date, my first northern pygmy owl and an amazing close encounter with the Blacktail alpha male and female wolves.

View the full gallery here.  A few preview images follow.


Big Brown

Northern Pygmy Owl


Bohemian Waxwing

Bull moose

American Dipper


Check out the full Yellowstone Winter 2012-13 gallery here.  And remember, you can order prints of nearly any image in the photo archive.

If you’re interested in joining me on a future winter tour, I’m sorry to say that my 2016 trip is already sold out.  However, you can get on the waiting list for possible tours in 2017 and ’18.  Learn more on my Yellowstone tour website.


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