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New Photos: Yellowstone Fall 2015

My final photo tour (and big trip) of the year concluded a few weeks ago.  It was my latest visit to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in fall, which can be a wonderful time of year for both wildlife and landscape photography.

The Yellowstone Fall 2015 gallery features photos from both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks taken during the ten day tour I co-led with Zack Clothier, plus a few extra days I spent shooting on my own.  If you followed my trip reports you’ll have seen some of the images, but naturally the full gallery contains a lot of other new shots that haven’t yet been published.

Here’s a preview featuring some photos that weren’t previously published in the trip reports:

American Bison

American Beaver


Red Fox



In a future article I’ll get into more details about one of the landscape shoots our group did in the Tetons.  In the meantime, view the full Yellowstone Fall 2015 gallery here.  And remember, you can now order prints of nearly any image in the gallery.

If you’re interested in joining me on a future Yellowstone photo tour, check out my tour website for more information!


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