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Ocean (2012) by John Butler

When I envisioned having a blog, I never thought it would remain confined solely to photography.  I’m not terribly political or vocal about my opinions, so I knew this would never turn into an endless string of rants, but I do enjoy and get inspired by a lot of art outside of photography.  So from time to time you may read something from me focusing on art, film, literature or music.  I’ve grown up loving and being involved with nearly all forms of artistic expression at one point or another, so occasionally I’ll share something I admire or that has touched or impressed me.

Today’s topic is music.  Music has been a major part of my life since middle and high school.  In a way, it has helped shaped my adult life both personally (I met my wife in band) and professionally (shooting for the marching band ultimately led to my work as a college sports photographer).  I have a wide variety of genres represented on my iPod, and admire truly talented musicians regardless of whether I actually enjoy their music.

Something I have a great deal of respect for is anyone who can play the guitar well.  I come from a wind background (trumpet and tuba), and last year tried my hand at guitar for the first time.  Suffice to say, I was completely lost (“you mean both hands need to do something at the same time?”) and abandoned any ideas of mastering a new instrument rather quickly.  But every time I see an exceptional guitar performance I dream about trying it again.

John Butler’s Ocean, performed in studio in 2012, is one such example.  Not only does John Butler’s technique blow my mind every time I watch this, but I think the song is gorgeous.  If I ever have to compile my “Desert Island” Ten Song Playlist, this will definitely make the cut.

Enjoy the next twelve minutes.

I guess I was one of the lucky ones, because this was available as a free download for a long time.  It looks like you can purchase it here from John’s website.  There are a number of different versions of this song available online, but I consider the 2012 studio version to be the best.  Maybe your choice will be different!



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