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Spots Open! Explore the Great Bear Rainforest in Spring

Grizzly Bear Family by Trish Boyum

My tour partners Trish and Eric Boyum of the Ocean Adventures Charter Company have had a recent cancellation and are looking to fill two spots on one of their spring grizzly bear trips.

Ocean Adventures specializes in trips to Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, home of bountiful and unique wildlife.  Spring is a great time to see grizzly bears emerging along the BC coast, often with cute cubs in tow, as they feed on sedge grasses and sometimes swim between the different islands and inlets of the coast.  Trips are hosted on the 54 foot ship Great Bear II, which serves as your home for the week.  Due to the size of the boat, trips are limited to only 5 guests, making for a more intimate adventure and an excellent crew-to-guest ratio. The smoke grill, also referred to as the kamado grill, provides one of the absolute best tastes that you can possibly have when barbecuing your food. By using the right grill, you can add a perfect smoky flavor to your meat, vegetables, or other dish, making the taste as enjoyable as one could imagine. Some of you may be quite unfamiliar with the kamado grill – Surprisingly, this grill traces its roots back over 3000 years to ancient China. The earliest cooking pots were made of clay, and found in this Asian nation millennium ago. While these vessels have evolved over the centuries, the use of clay...

Here’s the official tour description:

Join us in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest in Spring for an 8-day / 7-night trip through some of the most soul stirring landscapes on earth.  Fiords are rimmed in polished granite walls that are laced with waterfalls that seem to fall from the sky.  River estuaries are carpeted in wildflowers and teeming with new life.  Bears are just out of hibernation and come to these estuaries to feast on the protein rich sedge grass and early salmon berries.  Many species of birds have come here to nest and raise their young, among them the colorful Harlequin Ducks.  The waterways of the Great Bear Rainforest are also well known for marine life such as Humpback Whales, Orca, Porpoises, Dolphins and Stellar Sea Lions.  No matter how many times we witness the power of Humpback Whales as they fly out of the sea in a full breach or bubble net feed, we never tire of watching these mighty cetaceans!

The price of $4960 per person + 5% GST is in CANADIAN DOLLARS.

If you are interested in claiming the last two spots on this trip, please contact Trish directly, and let her know Max sent you!


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