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New Photos: Yellowstone Foxes

Though I’m off on my next adventure, I did find time to edit and upload a new gallery of images to my archive before I left.

The Yellowstone Winter 2016 Foxes gallery features loads of foxes from the amazing encounters I had during my two weeks in the park in February.  Just like last spring’s bear encounters in Yellowstone, there were so many good photo photo ops that I ultimately had to put these images in their own dedicated gallery.  I’m proud of this collection, not only because it represents what is by far my best fox trip to date, but also featured a lot of firsts for me: first decent mousing photo sequence, first courting fox pair, first chance to photograph foxes in some really dramatic light.

Here’s a preview of some of the highlights.  Be sure to check out the full gallery (don’t forget you can use the Slideshow function!).

Red Fox

Red Fox

Red Fox

Mousing red fox

Red Fox Blur

Red Fox

Red Fox

View the full Yellowstone Winter 2016 Foxes gallery here.

I’ve set dates and prices for next year’s winter Yellowstone tour.  If you’d like to join me on a winter adventure in the park, learn more here.


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