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Honors in the Yellowstone Forever Photo Competition

You may recall that I wrote a review of the Yellowstone Forever photo competition last year.  The contest, put on by the Yellowstone Park Foundation and Nature’s Best, was established to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the national park service.  At the time, I wasn’t sure whether to enter the contest myself, though I urged others to do so.  Ultimately, I did enter some photos in the competition, and was pleased to see my name among the honorees, along with a number of friends and former clients.


Most Images in Top 100

The full list of winners was released while I was in Costa Rica, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I landed the most images in the Top 100 (out of 11,000+ entries).  In fact, I had more than twice as many as anyone else.  Which probably just means I entered twice as many images…

Here are the images that were honored by the judges.

Bighorn Sheep

Coyote profile

Harlequin ducks

Otter vs. Coyote

Barrow's goldeneye chicks

Cinnamon Black Bear Cubs

Red fox stuck in snow

Also in the Family…

I wasn’t the only family member to win honors in the contest.  Jenn entered in the Amateur category, and also made the Top 100.  I consider this to be the best photograph she’s ever taken, so it was very exciting to see it among the competition winners.

American white pelican

Other Winners

I was also excited to see other familiar names among the honorees.  Several of my peers, friends and even former clients placed in the Top 100.  Big congratulations to the following people:

  • Sandy Sisti (overall winner, professional)
  • Ashleigh Scully (runner-up, youth, Honorable Mention)
  • Steve Hinch (Highly Honored x 2)
  • Zack Clothier (Highly Honored, HM)
  • Andy Hogg (HM)
  • Dan Stebbins (HM)
  • Lance Gilliland (former client, HM)
  • Robert Warrington (former client, HM x 2, including a photo taken during one of my tours!)
  • Jim Coda (HM x2)
  • Tin Man Lee (HM)

Sorry, the YPF page and video showing all of the winners has disappeared from the internet.



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