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New Photos: Patagonia 2016 Wildlife & Scenery

Another brief stay at home in between Yellowstone visits for me, which means one thing: photo processing!

This week I’ve been catching up on my recent Patagonia trip.  I’ve published the first of two galleries, this one featuring (non-puma) wildlife and scenery from my May visit to southern Chile.  Yes, pumas were the main goal, and one that we fulfilled in spectacular fashion, but Patagonia is about much more than just big cats.  It’s an area famous for dramatic mountain landscapes and a nice variety of wildlife.  Obviously, you wouldn’t expect me to focus too much on the scenery, but I did take a few landscape shots while documenting many of the cool species we encountered throughout the week.

View the full Patagonia 2016 Wildlife & Scenery gallery here.  A preview is below.  And stay tuned for puma photos as well as news about next year’s puma photo tour, coming soon!

First, let’s get the obligatory landscape shot out of the way.  The famous Torres del Paine are a popular photo subject.

Torres del Paine

I usually had more fun when I could find an animal to include in my landscape shots.  Usually the distinct shape of the guanaco fit the bill.


Up close, young guanacos are rather cute.


There are some interesting birds in Patagonia as well, including the only breeding colony of king penguins found close to the mainland.  We made a special trip out to see them at the start of the week.  Seeing kings in a grassy environment like this sure was different.

King Penguin

Another very large bird was the world’s largest bird of prey, the Andean condor.

Andean Condor

There were some smaller avian residents as well, including the colorful Long-tailed meadowlark.

Long-Tailed Meadowlark

Aside from cats, I was excited to see a few other furry predators, including the gray fox and the culpeo.  The latter looks like a cross between a fox and a coyote.


One of the mammals I was most excited to see was the Humboldt’s hog-nosed skunk.  Yes, a skunk.  I’d never photographed a skunk anywhere, so it was cool to get this nocturnal insectivore in front of my lens.

Humboldt's Hog-Nosed Skunk


Check out the full gallery of wildlife and scenery photos here.  Remember that you may order prints of nearly any print in the photo archive, and stay tuned for puma photos coming soon!


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