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America’s National Parks: Yellowstone

Due to my busy travel schedule, I was unable to watch National Geographic’s America’s National Parks series that debuted this spring.  There are numerous nature programs that air every year about our parks, including many I have visited, but it was important for me to check out the Yellowstone-centric episode of this series.  Thanks to the miracle of DVR, I’ve finally done so.

Several years back I was contacted by Gulo Films, a nature film production company based in Europe (they had largely specialized in wolverine video, which inspired the company name).  They were planning a Yellowstone film and were seeking my help in gaining some insight into the park.  I contributed what information I thought would be helpful (a pretty minor contribution, in reality), and over the next couple years I was able to watch as filmmakers Oliver and Ivo worked their magic in the park.  These guys put in a lot of hard work during that time, and it was always a pleasure to watch them in action and catch up whenever we had a chance.  They’re super nice guys and deserve the success that’s come with this project.

You can still catch America’s National Parks: Yellowstone as it re-airs on NatGeo.  Check your DVR listings.

Here’s a highlight from the program:


Oliver and Ivo are continuing their work in places like India and northern Canada.  Look for more great nature documentaries from Gulo Films in the future!


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