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2017 Nature and Wildlife Calendars are Now on Sale

It’s that time again.  My latest batch of nature and wildlife calendars for the coming year is now on sale!

As I’ve done the past couple years, I’m introducing five brand new themes for 2017, and bringing back four themes from last year, giving customers a total of nine different 2017 calendars to choose from.

New 2017 Calendar Themes

New 2017 Calendar Themes

This year’s new themes feature all-new images taken during my adventures.  This is a mix of some favorite themes from years past and one totally new theme.  Read on to learn more about the new calendars.

  • 2017 Yellowstone Calendar: As you know, this is the one theme I publish every year, with brand new images each year from my many trips to the park.  The 2017 Yellowstone calendar is special this year, as it features a full collection of monochrome images.  That’s right, I’ve gone black and white!
  • 2017 Little Yellowstone Calendar: If you prefer a Yellowstone calendar in color, how about the latest iteration of the Little Yellowstone theme.  I’ve published this theme a few times over the past decade, highlighting cute and baby animals found in our first national park.  The 2017 version has all new photos from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
  • 2017 Yellowstone Wolves Calendar: The 2017 Yellowstone Wolves calendar is a collaboration with fellow photographer Steve Hinch.  The calendar is filled with all new images taken by myself and Steve in Yellowstone, depicting wild wolves from your favorite packs.
  • 2017 Otters Calendar: This the second edition of the popular Otters theme I introduced a few years back.  The 2017 version features all new images of four different otter species photographed in the wild.
  • 2017 Wild Australia Calendar: Fresh off my recent trip Down Under, I decided to publish a calendar full of some of Australia’s amazing (and sometime bizarre) wildlife.

Preview and purchase all of the 2017 calendars here.


Classic 2017 Calendar Themes

Each year I bring back some of the previous year’s calendars for those customers who did not have an opportunity to purchase them.  Think of it as a second chance to get your hands on the themes below.  The images are the same as the 2016 edition, but the calendar grids have been updated with 2017 dates.

Classic 2017 Calendar Themes-1200px2

  • 2017 Owls Calendar: One of my favorite themes, the 2017 Owls calendar depicts thirteen different species of wild owls photographed around the world.
  • 2017 Wild Cats Calendar: Eight different species of wild cats, from lions to tigers to bobcats, are featured in this calendar.
  • 2017 Wild Canids (and Hyaenids) Calendar: I brought back the Cat calendar, so we need the Dog calendar too.  Wolves, coyotes, foxes, hyenas and more are featured… a different species each month!
  • 2017 Galapagos Calendar: The rare and exotic species of the Galapagos Islands are highlighted in this calendar.

Preview and purchase all of the 2017 calendars here.


These calendars measure 11″ x 17″.  Each page contains a large photo and calendar grid, so they are the equivalent of a standard open 11×8 calendar, but with bigger images.  The calendars are spiral-bound at the top, so all you need to hang them is a paperclip and a thumbtack.

2016 calendar interior

Preview and purchase all of the 2017 calendars here.


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