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New Photos: Great Bear Rainforest Wildlife & Scenery

My 2016 tour schedule wrapped up with two weeks in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.  I led two different trips with my partners at Ocean Adventures, exploring the beautiful coastal waters of British Columbia in search of bears, whales, wolves and other wildlife.  Over the course of the two weeks we endured quite a bit of rain, but were still able to find a fair amount of wildlife.  The scenery, as always, was spectacular.

I’ve segregated the images from this trip into two galleries, which I’m publishing this week and next.  First, is the general Wildlife & Scenery gallery, featuring marine mammals (whales and sea lions), mustelids (sea otters, river otters, mink), birds (especially eagles) and some landscape photos.  Next week I’ll publish a separate gallery dedicated to the many wonderful bear sightings we enjoyed.

View the full Great Bear Rainforest 2016 Wildlife & Scenery gallery here (be sure to use the Slideshow function).  A short preview is below.

Humpback whales bubble feeding

Watching humpback whales bubble feeding near the boat was a spectacular moment.

Bald eagle

Bald eagles are a common sight in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Sea otter

Though sea otters are generally shy in this area, this particular fellow didn’t mind our presence one bit.

North American River Otter

River otters are not confined to fresh water and will swim in the ocean to look for food.

Black Turnstone

A small flock of Black turnstones stopped on a small nearby rock outcropping while I was paddling.

American Mink

One of several mustelids found in the Great Bear Rainforest is the American mink.

Great Bear II

Our ship, the Great Bear II, rests at anchor as the moon rises over the Pacific Ocean.

View the full photo gallery of new images here.  And remember, you can order prints of nearly any image in the archive.

If you are interested in joining me on a Great Bear Rainforest adventure in 2017, we have two spots left on a trip that needs to be filled by December 1 (the trip itself is next September).  Learn more about this extended tour here.

Great Bear Rainforest Photo Tour


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