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Free Gift with any MindShift Gear Purchase Over $50

Free Gift with MindShift Gear Purchase

For years now, I’ve been helping folks take advantage of a great offer from Think Tank Photo: When you purchase at least $50 of their gear through my affiliate link, you receive an additional photo accessory from ThinkTank for free.  This may be the best affiliate-related deal out there when it comes to photo gear.

Now, at long last, I’m excited to say that ThinkTank’s sister company on the nature photography side of the spectrum, MindShift Gear, is offering the same deal!

From now on, any time you purchase at least $50 in photo bags, photo packs or other nature photography accessories from MindShift using my affiliate link, you’ll get to choose one of the following free items!

MindShift Gear accessories

Get any of these items with a purchase over $50 via my affiliate link!

The free available gifts include:

In order to qualify for the free gift, you must use my affiliate link.

If you wish to purchase any Think Tank photo gear, use this link in order to qualify for a free gift with any $50 purchase.

Thank you for supporting my business via these purchases!


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