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New Photos: Solar Eclipse 2017

I already shared my adventures following Monday’s eclipse.  Now it’s time to share the images!  I’ve uploaded a new gallery featuring a number of different eclipse photos, including several composite images pieced together from the photos I took with three different cameras.

View the full gallery here.  A short preview is below.

Partial Solar Eclipse

The 2017 solar eclipse moves toward totality. The sun’s light is more white than yellow, so this is a more accurate representation of its true color.

Solar Eclipse Totality

The 2017 solar eclipse at totality. Note the fiery prominences flaring out from the edge of the sun.

Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring

The “diamond ring” effect takes place at the beginning and (in this case) end of eclipse totality.

Solar Eclipse Composite

A wide angle composite, showing the sequence of the eclipse. This composite is a combination of several images. I shot the entire sequence wide, but there was a lot of distortion in the sun, so I inserted photos taken with a longer lens in the same spot as the corresponding shots taken wide. This sequence showing the sun in its true whitish color.

Solar Eclipse Composite

A composite showing the eclipse from beginning to end. The yellow color on the partials was caused by the solar filter on the camera. Here, I left the totality shot in its normal color (totality was shot without a filter).

View the full Solar Eclipse 2017 photo gallery and order prints here!



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