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New Photos: Brazil 2017 Birds

In late July I headed to Brazil to scout for a 2018 photo tour.  It was my first visit to Brazil, so it was important for me to visit a few different areas my local guiding contact had proposed for next year’s tour.  The main focus of the trip was on the Pantanal region in the western part of the country, mainly because it’s the best place on earth to see and photograph wild jaguars (look for jaguar photos coming soon!).  However, this is a great place for birds too.  I finished the trip up at Emas National Park, another good birding spot that will not be included in next year’s tour.

I’ve added 142 new photos from this trip to the Brazil 2017 Birds gallery.  A short preview is below.

Turquoise-fronted parrot

One of my favorite shots from the trip features the Turquoise-fronted parrot.

Buff-necked ibis

I saw a few different ibis species during the trip, including the Buff-necked ibis.

Common Potoo

We had great encounters with both the Common and Great potoo in western Brazil.

Red-Legged Seriema

The Red-legged seriema is Brazil’s answer to the Secretary bird.

Toco toucan

The Toco toucan has to be one of the more striking toucan species out there.

Pied lapwings

The Pied lapwing was one of the better-looking waders photographed in Brazil.

Little Nightjar

We had good luck with a number of different nightjar species in Emas National Park, including the Little nightjar.

Ringed Kingfisher

We saw four of the Pantanal’s five species of kingfishers during this trip. The Ringed kingfisher was the largest.

Burrowing owl

I saw several Burrowing owls in Emas National Park.

Hyacinth macaw

It was cool seeing the large and handsome Hyacinth macaw for the first time.


View the full Brazil 2017 Birds gallery here.  And remember that you can order prints of nearly any image in the photo archive!

Stay tuned for the rest of my wildlife and scenery photos from this trip, which will be uploaded soon.

Join me in Brazil in 2018!

This scouting trip was a big success, so I will be leading a photo tour back to the Pantanal in late July of 2018.  We’ll look for jaguars (we have a very good chance of seeing them) and other wildlife, including many of the amazing birds featured above and in the gallery.

2018 Brazil Wildlife Photo Tour

This tour is limited to 6 guests.  There are only 2 spots left!

Learn more about the 2018 Brazil Jaguars and Wildlife tour here.


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