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2018 Owls Calendar

It’s the return of my favorite calendar theme: Owls!  This is the third edition of the Owls calendar, featuring all new images of wild owls photographed around the world.  You all know I love owls, and so I’m happy to share this calendar with you.

Preview all of the Owl calendar images and order it here.  A short preview is below:

2018 owls calendar cover

On the cover: Great Gray Owl, Yellowstone


2018 owls calendar

Black and white owl, Costa Rica

2018 owls calendar

Great horned owl, Yellowstone

2018 owls calendar

Ridgway’s pygmy owl, Costa Rica

2018 owls calendar

Short-eared owl, Washington

The Owls calendar measures 11″ x 17″, or the equivalent of a standard 11 x 8 calendar that’s open… except this one has much larger images!  And no, the watermark does not appear on the images in the calendar.

Preview the full 2018 Owls calendar and order it here.

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