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2017 Apple Cup: Washington 41, Washington State 14

It’s been fun spending most of the home season on the sidelines this year (after I missed the first several games last year).  Tonight’s Apple Cup was my final Husky game of the year, and it featured a showdown between #13 WSU and #17 Washington.

Despite the rankings, the Dawgs were heavy favorites entering the game, and they held up their end of the bargain.  In a familiar script, Washington ran the ball effectively against the Cougs while pressuring WSU quarterback Luke Falk and forcing several turnovers.

A selection of game photos are below.  View a few extra images in the full Apple Cup gallery here.

Throwing the Dubs

A fan flashes the W prior to kickoff.

David Ajamu

Senior David Ajamu, who lost this season due to injury, is greeted by Chris Petersen before entering Husky Stadium one last time as a player.

Keishawn Bierria

Senior Keishawn Bierria enters Husky Stadium for the final time as a player.

Dante Pettis

Dante Pettis bids a fond farewell to the crowd prior to his final game at Husky Stadium.

Taylor Rapp

Taylor Rapp congratulates Ryan Bowman on his sack of Luke Falk.

Jimmy Lake

Husky DB coach Jimmy Lake leaps just as high as his defenders as they knock a pass away from the Cougars.

Darrien Molton

Cougar defensive back Darrien Molton leaps for a pass in front of Aaron Fuller. Fuller did a good job knocking the ball away to prevent an interception.

Jomon Dotson

Jomon Dotson and Jamal Morrow dive for Morrow’s muffed punt. Morrow would recover.

Jojo McIntosh

Jojo McIntosh returns another of Luke Falk’s interceptions.

Husky Fans

Husky fans revel in another Apple Cup blowout at Husky Stadium.

Andre Baccellia

Andre Baccellia’s big gain was wiped out by an unnecessary holding penalty.

Jake Browning

Jake Browning gets an extra tug on the facemask after scoring a touchdown.

Jake Browning

Jake Browning communicates with his coaches after another successful scoring drive.

Greg Gaines

Greg Gaines stopped Jamal Morrow on third-and-short to force a punt.

Myles Gaskin

Another long gain for Myles Gaskin, who totaled 192 yards on 25 carries.


Skycam gets wiped down during a stormy evening at Husky Stadium.

Vita Vea

Luke Falk is lucky to avoid the grasp of Vita Vea… but he was still taken down by Benning Potoa’e on this play.

Jake Browning

Jake Browning fakes the handoff during a rainy Apple Cup.

Jake Browning

Jake Browning flicks the ball to Kamari Pleasant at the last possible moment. Pleasant took the pass for a big gain.

Ben Burr-Kirven

Ben Burr-Kirven receives a surprise gift when a Luke Falk interception pops into his hands.

Myles Gaskin

Myles Gaskin storms toward the end zone. Gaskin had four touchdowns against the Cougars.

Cougar Fans

They may not have had good football, but at least these Cougar fans had coffee to warm their hearts.

Myles Gaskin

Gaskin is a blur on a rainy evening at Husky Stadium.

Elijah Molden

Elijah Molden secures Jamal Morrow.

Vita Vea

Vita Vea hoists the Apple Cup trophy.

Ralph Kinne

Senior Ralph Kinne celebrates an undefeated Apple Cup career.

Lavon Coleman

Lavon Coleman, walking boot and all, celebrates the Apple Cup win with the Husky Band after the game.

Austin Joyner

Austin Joyner poses with the Apple Cup trophy.

See a few additional photos in the Apple Cup image gallery.

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