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Posting this on my blog, I’m well aware that I’m only reaching a small portion of my intended audience.  I can’t imagine too many people read these posts regularly.  However, many of you are active on social media and other media sharing internet platforms.  Yet even then, you may not be getting access to all of the content I’m publishing on a regular basis.  In a time when Facebook and other media platforms are restricting access to content that people have specific requested (via Page “Likes”) in order to squeeze marketing money from page owners, it’s become more difficult to present and distribute photos, updates and news to the folks that wish to receive them.

So here’s a rundown of all the places you can currently get my latest photo news and updates, aside from this blog.  This is a great way to see my latest images especially, since I often share new photos on social media before I ever get around to processing the full galleries for this website.  I also like to mix things up, sharing different images on different platforms, so you’ll see a greater variety of my work by subscribing on multiple platforms.


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Posts: 1 photo per day, occasional article and sale links



Page: @MaxWaughPhoto
Posts: 1 photo per day, snapshots from the road, occasional article and sale links



Posts: 2 – 3 photos per week



Posts: 2-3 photos per week



Page: @MaxWaughPhoto
Posts: 1 article/sale announcement per week Newsletter

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