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Photos Added: Yellowstone Winter 2014

Soon I will depart for my first trip of the year.  I’ll be returning to Yellowstone to lead two winter photo tours.  It’ll be nice to be back in the park in winter, after missing out in 2016 due to the arrival of our baby.  Stay tuned for some short trip reports from the park during my upcoming stay.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in some “fresh” winter Yellowstone images, I have finally finished processing my photos from my two winter trips in 2014.

My first visit took place in January (when I led two tours), and then I returned for a week-long visit in the second week of December.  The January trip was better for landscapes, while the December visit was a bit more fruitful for wildlife.

View the full gallery of images here (don’t forget to try the handy slideshow function).  A short preview is below.


Sunrise at Barronette Peak.

Bighorn Sheep

A young bighorn sheep endures its first Yellowstone winter.


A coyote walks past my car window.

Yellowstone Lake

The frozen expanse of Yellowstone Lake.


Many pronghorns migrate out of Yellowstone in winter, but some stay along the northern border where snow levels aren’t as deep.

Common Ravens

Ravens mate for life. They may stick together for decades.


Cross country skiers disappear into the snowy Yellowstone expanse.


A bull elk stands atop a hill at dusk.

Mousing Red Fox

I had a nice session with a couple of hunting foxes during the last day of my December trip.

Mousing Red Fox

Yes, it did get stuck for a few moments.


Photographers shoot sunset from Blacktail Plateau.

Trees and Sun Rays

The sun shines through clouds of steam near a thermal area in Yellowstone.


View the full Yellowstone Winter 2014 gallery.  And don’t forget that you can purchase prints of any of these images directly from this website.

Interested in joining me on a future winter adventure in Yellowstone?  The next winter tour will likely happen in 2020.  Get more info on my winter tour here.


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