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Photos Added: Costa Rica 2013

I’ve returned from the snow and cold of Yellowstone and now have to mentally prepare myself for a completely different environment next month: Costa Rica’s heat and humidity!  I’ll be heading back to one of my favorite destinations to lead a photo tour.  The Quetzals to Corcovado tour is a trip I first led in 2013, when I traveled to Costa Rica for a month.  I was fortunate to fit in two tours and some scouting in between, and it ended up being my best trip (from a photo perspective) there… and has remained so!  The number of great photo ops with monkeys, quetzals and other birds, nocturnal subjects, tapirs and a puma made for a very fruitful trip.

I’ve shared a number of images from the 2013 trip over the years on social media and elsewhere, but I never fully processed the images for my website’s photo archive until now.  Yeah, it only took five years to finish photos from one of my best wildlife trips.  I’m really on the ball.

Check out the 168 images from this adventure in the Costa Rica 2013 gallery.  A short preview is below.

Central American Squirrel Monkey

The squirrel monkey is the smallest (and cutest) of Costa Rica’s four monkey species.

Geoffroy's Spider Monkey

I like to visit Costa Rica during the fruiting season, when wildlife activity is heightened.


Large leaf-like katydids are common in the jungle.

Masked Tree Frog

A juvenile masked tree frog hangs out on a branch at night.

Scarlet-Webbed Tree Frog

My guide was very excited to find this scarlet-webbed tree frog during our night walk.

Fiery-Billed Aracari

This is one of a few different toucan species seen during my Costa Rica trips.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet macaws eat up to 300 almonds per day. Their large beaks help cut through the thick shells.

Resplendent Quetzal Tail

You know when the male quetzal is home, because his tail won’t fit in the nest!

Crested Owls

This was my first time seeing the Crested owl, and very handsome species.

Baird's Tapir

Corcovado may be the best place on earth to spot the Baird’s tapir, Central America’s largest native land mammal.


The highlight of most of my Corcovado National Park visits is finding a puma, which happens more often than you’d think. In this case, we found this puma feasting on a coati on the very last day of the trip.


Ibises fly in front of a setting sun at the mouth of the Tarcoles River.

See the full Costa Rica 2013 gallery here.  And remember that you can order prints of nearly any image in the photo archive.

Interested in joining me on a future Costa Rica tour?  My 2018 trip is full, but I am working on adding a new trip in 2019 due to high demand.  Learn more here.


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