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Just Added: 2019 Costa Rica Photo Tour

2019 Costa Rica photo tour

Due to high demand and a gap in my tour schedule next year, I’ve added a trip to Costa Rica.  This will take place March 13 – 21, 2019, with an optional extension that runs through March 24th.  It’s the same trip I’ve run every couple years since 2013, a popular itinerary that offers us an opportunity to visit a number of different regions and environments (which in turn presents us with some amazing biodiversity).

The tour will start in the central highlands of Costa Rica, an area known as Cerro de la Muerte, which has become famous as the home of the Resplendent quetzal.  This amazing bird (pictured above, right) is one of the world’s most spectacular species.  The male sports a meter long, iridescent green tail that flutters and “slithers” like a snake (the reason the quetzal was named after the snake god Quetzalcoatl) as it flies through the air.  This region is home to numerous other fascinating and colorful birds too, from the diminutive Blue-throated toucanet to a number of different colorful tanagers, parakeets, woodpeckers and more.

From the highlands we’ll descend into the Caribbean lowlands, where we begin to branch out.  It’s no longer just about birds, but monkeys, sloths and other mammals appear in the rainforest.  Macro subjects like frogs, snakes and bugs abound, and we’ll even have a chance to partake in a night walk or two.

The main tour ends as we cross over to the Pacific coast, home to even more mammals and some different species.  White-faced capuchins, crocodiles, owls, iguanas and the beautiful Scarlet macaw are among the potential highlights.  This stop will include a river cruise down the Rio Tarcoles, a fun and relaxing excursion on a private boat that affords a number of close photo opportunities with shorebirds and other wildlife.


The Optional Trip Extension

For years now, I’ve offered a unique tour extension to Corcovado National Park.  Unlike many Corcovado visits that either bring guests to the edges of the park or only offer day trips, this one puts us in the heart of the park for three days.  It’s the best place for wildlife in the country and is often the highlight of my Costa Rica trips.

It’s important to note that park regulations have changed, and we can no longer make reservations in the park more than thirty days in advance.  This means we can’t guarantee a visit there, though the odds of booking a stay are still quite good.  As a result, we have planned a visit to Tortuguero National Park as a backup emergency option, should Corcovado fall through.  Anyone choosing to book the tour extension does so with the understanding that we may end up either in Corcovado (our preferred destination) or Tortuguero.

There are still open spots on this tour (including one left on the extension).  Please contact me if you would like to sign up, or if you’re interested in participating in a future (likely 2020) version of this tour.

Learn more about the 2019 Costa Rica tour.


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