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New Photos: Yellowstone Winter 2018

The latest gallery of new images in the photo archive features work from my recent winter visit to Yellowstone.  In late January and early February I led two photo tours, both of which included visits to the remote park interior.  The trip reports I filed during my two-plus weeks in the park contained a number of initial photos.  I’ve now had a chance to properly process those, along with the rest.

The Yellowstone Winter 2018 gallery contains 129 wildlife and landscape images.  I recommend checking it out and using the slideshow function to view them all.  A short preview is below.


Coyotes were numerous throughout the trip. This one was patrolling the Madison River in the park interior, possibly looking to catch a trout.


The occasional “clean” snow field offered an opportunity to highlight subjects against a blank canvas, which can enhance high key black and white images like this one.

Bison in snowstorm

In addition to producing a number of monochrome images, I also experimented with long exposures. In this case with a bison in a thick snowstorm, which blurred the snow into lines.

Red fox napping

I didn’t have much luck with foxes until the second photo tour. This one was napping near the road on one of our final days.

Bighorn Sheep

Winter is a good time to see bighorn rams at lower elevations in Yellowstone.

Common Ravens

There are a few hearty avian species that hang around Yellowstone in winter. One of the park’s more underrated subjects, in my opinion, is the Common raven.

Black-Billed Magpie

A long-time nemesis species for me, magpies are common in the park, but usually rather shy. I was delighted to finally nail some flight shots.

Thermophilic Algae

This bright green thermophilic algae is only found in Norris Geyser Basin in winter, when the water temperature is just right.


My favorite tree in the Lamar Valley. Please don’t tell anyone that I snapped a few landscape photos along the way…


View the full Yellowstone Winter 2018 photo gallery.  Prints of nearly every image in my archive are available for purchase.

If you are interested in joining me on a future Yellowstone winter tour, I’m currently accepting pre-deposits and waiting list requests on my 2020 winter tour.


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