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2019 Nature & Wildlife Calendars

2019 Nature & Wildlife Calendars by Max Waugh

I have published my annual collection of nature and wildlife calendars.  The 2019 calendars include five themes with brand new images, along with four “Classic” themes, brought back with last year’s images for those customers who may have missed a chance to order them for 2018.

The 2019 calendar themes are:

Yellowstone: The one theme I bring back every year.  The Yellowstone calendar features images of wildlife and occasionally scenery and landscapes from our first national park.  Preview and order the 2019 Yellowstone calendar here.

Yellowstone Birds: I usually come up with an alternate Yellowstone theme, and this year I’m presenting my first ever Yellowstone Birds calendar.  This calendar focuses on avian species found in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (a Dusky grouse adorns the cover).  Preview and order the 2019 Yellowstone Birds calendar here.

Animal Families: In past years I’ve occasionally presented a cute/baby animal calendar, in the form of the popular Little Yellowstone and Little Africa themes.  This year it was suggested that I do a broader theme featuring baby animals from around the world, so I opted for Animal Families.  This calendar depicts various species with their offspring, photographed in various countries.  Preview and order the 2019 Animal Families calendar here.

Weasel & Mongoose: Perhaps my favorite new theme this year.  This calendar is all about those cute, sleek, fast and occasionally nasty little predators known as mustelids and herpestids: the weasels and mongooses.  Animals such as badgers, otters, weasels, meerkats and more are featured.  Preview and order the 2019 Weasel & Mongoose calendar here.

Reptiles & Amphibians: One of my Facebook followers suggested I make a reptile calendar.  It’s something I’ve never done before, so I took up the challenge and found twelve months of herps (frogs, lizards, turtles, snakes and more) to feature in this theme.  Preview and order the 2019 Reptiles & Amphibians calendar here.


I’ve brought back the following Classic themes from the 2018 collection.  These calendars feature the same images again, but have been updated with a 2019 calendar grid for each month.

Great Bear Rainforest: Depicting images of the incredible wildlife and scenery of British Columbia’s Pacific coast.  Preview and order the 2019 Great Bear Rainforest calendar here.

Patagonia: Featuring photos from Chile and Argentina and some of the amazing animal species and mountain scenery in Patagonia.  Preview and order the 2019 Patagonia calendar here.

Red Foxes: A compilation of red fox photos from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Preview and order the 2019 Fox calendar here.

Owls: My third owl calendar, featuring twelve different owl species photographed around the world.  Preview and order the 2019 Owls calendar here.

Check out all of the 2019 calendars in the store.


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