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New Photos: Yellowstone 2018 Spring Wildlife

My latest batch of Yellowstone images has been added to the archive. The Yellowstone 2018 Spring gallery includes photos from my solo exploration and my week-long photo tour in late May/early June.

My limited time in the park this spring was fruitful, and the tour went particularly well (something you may have noticed if you read my trip reports). My wonderful group of clients was treated to a rare instance of achieving every major goal we set for ourselves each day. I always see a lot on spring trips, but it’s rare to check every big ticket item off the wish list each day… that happened this year.

View the full gallery of 120 new images here. A short preview is below.

American badger kit

I was fortunate to spend time at a badger sett before the mother moved her kits early in my trip.

Coyote Pups

I was doubly fortunate to watch two active coyote dens on this trip.

Coyote Pup and Raven

This raven kept approaching a coyote den to pick up leftover scraps of food.

Moon and Mountains

This moonset made me stop for a rare landscape photo op.

Grizzly Bears

I saw the famed mother and daughter grizzly pair nicknamed Raspberry and Snow near Yellowstone Lake a few times on this trip. The sow finally kicked her cub out (a year later than normal) soon after the trip was over.

Grizzly Bear

A closeup of Raspberry.

Mountain Goat

We had what was probably my best mountain goat shoot to date up on the Beartooth Pass.

American Cliff Swallow

Every spring, cliff swallows rebuild their nests, one bit of mud at a time.

Moose and Mountain

We saw a couple bull moose between Silver Gate and Cooke City. In spring their antlers are still on the small side.

Moose Crossing River

This young moose was hanging out near a cow and twin calves. Mom didn’t appreciate the company.

Black Bear Cub

I had a few opportunities to photograph black bear cubs with my tour group on this trip.


View the full Yellowstone 2018 Spring photo gallery here. And remember that you can order prints of nearly every image in the photo archive directly through this site!

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