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New Photos: Brazil 2018 Birds

The first batch of photos from my Brazil 2018 tour have been added to the archive. This gallery contains bird images from our visits to the southern Amazon and the Pantanal. It was a marvelous trip for bird sightings, with over 175 different species seen. Given that it was a general wildlife photo tour, that’s pretty good. The variety of avian species we encountered was impressive, with six owl species, over twenty different parrot species, numerous herons, ibises and more.

And the photo ops were pretty good at times too! I recently wrote about my favorite wildlife encounters from this trip, which included a few of the birds we saw. Here’s a preview of more Brazil birds. If you want to see the full gallery of 156 new photos, click here.


An anhinga works on swallowing a fish it speared.

Neotropic Cormorant

Cormorants were a common sight during our many river excursions.

Blue and Yellow Macaw

We were fortunate to see a number of macaw species in the Amazon and the Pantanal, including the Blue-and-yellow macaw.

Red-Throated Piping Guan

We had a nice close encounter with a small flock of Red-throated piping guans that came down to a river to drink.

Rufous Hornero

The Rufous hornero is a type of ovenbird, so named for the oven-like appearance of its nest.

Muscovy Duck

Surely one of the uglier birds around, the Muscovy duck is still an impressive species, larger than most other ducks I’ve seen.

Black-Fronted Nunbirds

As dusk descends in the Amazon, Black-fronted nunbirds perch together and call into the darkness.

Crested Owl

The Crested owl is one of my favorite owl species. This was my first time seeing it outside of Costa Rica.

Snowy Egret

We encountered numerous egret and heron species in both the Amazon and the Pantanal. This Snowy egret was hopping over to a new perch.

White Woodpecker and Picazuro Pigeon

Perhaps not the most dramatic showdown I’ve seen, but it was fun nonetheless to see this White woodpecker and Picazuro pigeon face off.

Tropical Kingbird

A Tropical kingbird skies above the rainforest picking off bugs for breakfast.

Black-Crowned Night Heron

A Black-crowned night heron perches low for a drink of water.

Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

This Ferruginous pygmy owl flew into a small tree just as we arrived at one of our hotels.

Black-Legged Parrots

The Black-legged parrot is considered a subspecies of the White-bellied parrot.

King Vultures

We were fortunate to find a couple King vultures during a game drive in the Pantanal.

Amazon Kingfisher

This female Amazon kingfisher perched on the bow of our boat.

Cocoi Heron

We encountered numerous egret and heron species in both the Amazon and the Pantanal. The Cocoi heron is closely related to Great Blue and Grey herons.

Great Black Hawk

This Great black hawk swooped in to try and steal a fish from another bird, but proceeded to get stuck temporarily on the river bank.

Guira Cuckoos

The punk rock-styled Guira cuckoo was seen both in the Amazon and the Pantanal during this trip.

View the full Brazil 2018 Birds gallery in the photo archive. And remember, you can order prints of nearly any image in the archive!

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