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New Photos: Brazil 2018 Wildlife & Scenery

Last week I shared the bird photos from my recent Brazil trip. Now it’s time for the rest of the images from this wildly successful tour. After paring down 20,000+ photos to 350 or so for the web, I determined it was best to split them into two galleries (as I did with 2017’s Brazil photos). So the second gallery includes mammals, reptiles and a few landscape shots.

Just as it was a great trip for bird photography, the mammals put on a show. We counted 35 different mammals seen. Among these, we saw eleven different monkey species (beating my previous record from Ecuador by a fair amount), two cat species and three armadillo species… including the ultra rare giant armadillo.

See the full gallery here. A short preview is below:

South American Tapir

Before we even arrived at our first lodge we encountered this tapir getting a drink from the Cristalino River.

Giant Armadillo

This may go down as the most elusive medium-to-large mammal I’ll ever see. I wrote about our giant armadillo encounter earlier in the blog.

Spectacled Caiman

We saw a few spectacled caimans in the Brazilian Amazon.

Proboscis Bat

I often see sac-winged and proboscis bats during my rainforest adventures.

Neotropical River Otter

The Brazilian Amazon was a great spot to find neotropical river otters. We saw several on the Cristalino River.

Crab-Eating Fox

I was happy to finally get a few daytime sightings of the crab-eating fox, typically a nocturnal animal.

Southern Tamandua

We had a couple nice photo ops with the southern tamandua both in the Amazon and the Pantanal.

Black-and-Gold Howler Monkey

We saw eleven different species of monkeys on this trip, including the black-and-gold howler.

Black-Tailed Marmoset

After missing out on seeing black-tailed marmosets during my first Pantanal visit, I was excited to finally see them this year.


The capybara is the world’s largest rodent species. We would see them hanging out on the banks of the waterways in the Pantanal.

Capybara with Pups

I’m not a big fan of adult capybaras, but the “babybaras” sure are cute.

Giant Otter

Once again, we had a number of opportunities to photograph giant otters in the Pantanal.

Giant Otter

This endangered mustelid can reach six feet in length!


Once again, we had good luck with the jaguars of the Pantanal, with 27 sightings in nine outings.


Unlike my first Pantanal visit, we saw a few different male jaguars this year.

Jaguar Drinking

It’s not too often you see a jaguar drinking.


This may have been my favorite jaguar sighting of the trip, merely because we got nice unobstructed views of a cat walking along the beach. Despite the late morning light, the sand acted as a bit of a reflector, so the lighting wasn’t too bad.

Swimming Jaguar

I finally had a chance to photograph swimming jaguars up close.

Jaguar Hunting Capybara

A female jaguar (far left) stalks capybaras along the river. Two hours later, she made her move, but failed to catch her prey.


This lovely female was down by the river one morning. A half kilometer away, a male roamed the same shoreline.


This beauty was hanging out on the riverbank after sunset.


Our final wildlife sighting of the trip featured this mother and daughter pair at dusk.

See the full Brazil 2018 Wildlife & Scenery gallery here. And remember, you can order prints of any of the images directly through this website.

Want to join me on my next Brazil adventure? I’ll be returning in 2020.

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