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2019 Animal Families Calendar

The second of the new 2019 nature and wildlife calendars I’m previewing is Animal Families. In the past, I’ve published a few baby animal calendars, like Little Yellowstone and Little Africa. This year’s baby-centric theme is a bit broader, featuring wildlife from around the world… but each photo depicts the cute little critters with at least one of their parents.

You can preview and order the 2019 Animal Families calendar here. A short preview is below.

2019 Animal Families calendar

Galapagos sea lions

Uinta ground squirrels

Uinta ground squirrels, Wyoming

African elephants

African elephants, Botswana


Pumas, Chile

Burchell's zebras

Burchell’s zebras, South Africa

The Animal Families calendar measures 11″ x 17″, or the equivalent of a standard 11 x 8 calendar that’s open… except this one has much larger images!  And no, the watermark does not appear on the images in the calendar.

Preview and order the 2019 Animal Families calendar.

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