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2018 Husky Football: Washington 42, Oregon State 23

No matter how long I’ve been doing this, I’m always disorganized on game days. You’d think one might have a rhythm and process in place after shooting games at Husky Stadium for nearly two decades, but each Saturday is a flurry of haphazard activity.

This morning was no different. Soon after realizing my “Game Day Pants” (they have built in kneepads, a must for a grizzled veteran of the sidelines) were still buried at the bottom of the stinky laundry basket, I was busy trying to pry my special Logo W-shaped brownie out of its pan… ultimately watching it tumble out in pieces. I wondered how much powdered sugar I could sprinkle on top to hide the seams. Two inches probably would’ve been sufficient.

W brownie

Still edible… and luckily not an omen for what was to come.

The brownie is for tailgating, of course. I don’t drink, so I’m allowed to prefunc on game days. The walk around the stadium and along the water to our distant tailgate lot is pretty nice on a day like today.

Autumn leaves

Walking to the tailgate on an autumn day.

The tailgate gives me an added excuse to get to the stadium early, which is necessary so I can claim one of the few free seats in the press box. You won’t find me stuffed into the tiny, crowded photo work room (the size of which was one of the biggest disappointments of the stadium remodel), as I cede that territory to the working press who are tackling more stringent deadlines. Instead, I’m able to find real estate at the end of press row, where you’ll find me (and a few of the guys from, the last ones up here on game days) camped out long after the game’s final whistle.

When there’s a big matchup with more press attention, more seats are assigned to scouts and national media, making it harder for me to claim my own territory. Sometimes I’m resigned to sitting in what I call the Mark Jones Memorial Press Box Seat.

Press box at Husky Stadium

The “Mark Jones Memorial Seat” in the Husky Stadium press box.

Luckily, with the young and struggling Oregon State Beavers in town, it wasn’t too difficult to find a better spot.

Washington was a heavy favorite coming into this game and ended up winning somewhat comfortably, 42-23. It marked the final home game for the Husky seniors, including the program’s all-time leading passer and all-time leading rusher.

See the full game day gallery here. Most of the photos are below:

Husky Band

Husky Band members hold a giant American flag during the playing of the national anthem.

Husky Cheer

Husky cheerleaders lead the team out of the tunnel amidst a haze of purple smoke.

The Tunnel

The team runs onto the field.

Shane Bowman

Shane Bowman comes onto the field for his final home game.

Jake Browning

Jake Browning comes onto the field for his final home game.

Myles Gaskin

Myles Gaskin runs for 64 yards on the third play from scrimmage.

Aaron Fuller

Aaron Fuller catches a 17 yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Myles Bryant

Myles Bryant knocks away a pass.

Husky Fans

It was a sunny autumn day at Husky Stadium.

Ty Jones

Ty Jones looks for a flag before the ball even hits the ground out of his reach. The refs did throw a hankie.

Drew Sample and Cade Otton

Drew Sample and Cade Otton celebrate Otton’s touchdown catch near the end of the first quarter.

Husky Fans

Dawg fans go wild after another score.

Isaiah Hodgins

Isaiah Hodgins hauls in a touchdown grab in front of three Husky defenders.

Husky Fan

A young fan cheers on the Dawgs.

Drew Sample

Drew Sample gets ready to apply the stiff arm.

Sean McGrew

Sean McGrew takes off on a 30 yard run during a second quarter scoring drive.

Salvon Ahmed

Salvon Ahmed looks for room to run in the flat.

Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor heads downfield on a kickoff.

Greg Gaines

I’m sure there was no “Hands to the Face” infraction on this play…

Husky Band

The Husky Band’s halftime holiday show meant that for once, the sousaphones didn’t need to wear those silly berets.

Dubs II

Dubs II leads the team onto the field for the first time in his career.

Husky Fans

A good play by the Huskies was worth one measly high five from this group of fans.

Kyler Manu

Kyler Manu celebrates a fumble recovery.

Myles Gaskin

Teammates celebrate another Myles Gaskin touchdown.

Chris Petersen and Jake Browning

Chris Petersen congratulates Jake Browning on a successful scoring drive.

Dubs II

Dubs II hangs out in his stadium.

Ben Burr-Kirven

Ben Burr-Kirven hauls down Jermar Jefferson.

Benning Potoa'e

Benning Potoa’e sacks Jake Luton.

Benning Potoa'e and Ben Burr-Kirven

Benning Potoa’e and Ben Burr-Kirven celebrate Potoa’e’s sack.

Myles Gaskin and Jake Browning

Washington’s all-time leading rusher and all-time leading passer celebrate a win following their final game at Husky Stadium.

Husky and Oregon State Bands

Husky and Beaver band members bond following the game.

See a few more photos in the photo archive gallery here.

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