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2019 Weasel & Mongoose Calendar

My favorite new calendar theme this year is Weasel & Mongoose. Mutelids (members of the weasel family) and herpestids (members of the mongoose family) are pretty cool: fast, sleek, smaller and often cute critters that happen to be really effective hunters. Though they share a lot of similarities, mustelids are actually more closely related to dogs, while herpestids are closer to cats. But they belong together in this calendar! Thirteen different species are featured in the calendar, all of which were photographed in the wild during my travels.

Preview and order the full Weasel & Mongoose calendar here. A short preview is below.

2019 Weasel & Mongoose Calendar

Short-tailed weasel, Montana

Dwarf mongooses

Dwarf mongooses, South Africa

Sea Otter

Sea otter, British Columbia

American marten

American marten, Wyoming


Tayra, Peru


The Weasel & Mongoose calendar measures 11″ x 17″, or the equivalent of a standard 11 x 8 calendar that’s open… except this one has much larger images!  And no, the watermark does not appear on the images in the calendar.

Preview and order the 2019 Weasel & Mongoose calendar.

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