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New Photos: Pacific Northwest Parks & Reserves 2019

I recently completed my first photo outing of the new year, spending a couple days leading local tours here in the Pacific Northwest. One of our days was nearly rained out, though my hearty clients and I still ventured out and explored several different areas. So there aren’t a ton of photos from this first session.

However, it gave me an excuse to process some other images taken recently. I captured a couple shots of the January lunar eclipse from my deck here in Seattle (clear skies for a celestial event… a rare occurrence!), and I also finally wrapped up processing a few photos from a private local tour I led back in October.

I’ve added the October shots to the PNW 2018 gallery. Here are a few preview images from that outing:

Black-Capped Chickadee

Black-capped chickadees are a common sight at Reifel Bird Sanctuary.

Northwestern Crows

Northwestern crows arrive at an apple tree on a blustery day.

Greater Yellowlegs

A flock of Long-billed dowitchers tries to stay warm on a chilly autumn day in British Columbia.

View the full Pacific Northwest Parks & Reserves 2018 gallery.


For 2019, I’ve started a new PNW 2019 gallery. Here’s a preview of some of the recent photos.

Lunar Eclipse

On January 20th, we experienced a “super blood wolf moon” eclipse. For once, we had clear skies in Seattle and I was able to photograph it from my deck.

Short-Eared Owl

A Short-eared owl perches on bare branches in western Washington.

Rough-Legged Hawk

A Rough-legged hawk flies in front of a Short-eared owl in Washington’s Skagit Valley.

Leucistic Bald Eagle

My first view of a leucistic Bald eagle. Note the lighter-than-normal body plumage in this adult bird.

Barn Owl

I haven’t had many encounters with this, the most widespread owl species in the world. This one finally came out into the open as darkness descended.

Sandhill Crane

A Sandhill crane takes a walk in the rain.

View the full Pacific Northwest Parks & Reserves 2019 gallery. And remember that I will be updating this gallery throughout the year following other local adventures!

If you’d like to join me on a local wildlife photography tour, you can check out some of the options in the Workshops & Tours section or contact me about a customized outing.


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