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New Photos: Tanzania 2019 Wildlife & Scenery

Last week I published my new set of bird photos from my February Tanzania tour. Now it’s time for the rest of the images from that trip! It’s always fun sharing the African experience with my clients, and we were rewarded this time with a number of interesting and dynamic encounters.

Check out the full gallery of over 200 new photos here. A short preview is below.

Mantled Guerezas

More commonly knows as the black-and-white colobus, the mantled guereza is a large hairy monkey that’s quite active in Arusha National Park.

Mantled Guereza

For a large monkey, the guereza is quite agile and bounds effortlessly through the trees.

Kirk's Dik Dik

An interesting behavioral shot, as this male dik dik is busy spreading its poo across a midden as a territorial marker.

Bat-Eared Fox

One of the top animals I hoped to see again during this visit was the bat-eared fox. We had good luck with them, even spotting them from our hot air balloon!


We had a couple of nice shoots with hippos in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti.

African Leopard

We did not see a lot of leopards on this trip, but our late afternoon shoot with this female is one of the better encounters I’ve ever had.

African Leopard

The towering kopjes provided a very photogenic setting.

Dwarf Mongoose

This tiny dwarf mongoose is my favorite mongoose species.


We were fortunate to catch this surprise cheetah hunt. Though it was unexpected and from a distance, it was fun to witness.

Plains Zebras

The “Migration” didn’t really make an impact until we saw all of the massive herds of zebras gathering at watering holes.

Wildebeest Birth

We were very fortunate to witness a wildebeest birth in Ndutu.

Wildebeest Birth

We timed the process.

Wildebeest Birth

From birth it took four minutes for the calf to stand, seven minutes to walk and fourteen minutes to nurse.

Wildebeest Birth

This is the only live birth I’ve witnessed, aside from my son’s.

Serengeti Sunset

Sunset over the Serengeti. Classic.

Plains Zebra

This zebra was providing a taxi service for Wattled starlings.

Nairobi Grass Rat

What I believe is a Nairobi grass rat gathers food above the ground. A Superb starling has the same idea.

African Lion Fight

One of the highlights of the trip occurred when a pride of lions faced off against an interloper.

African Lion Fight

African Lion Fight

African Lion Fight

African Lion Fight

African Lion Fight

This is where the encounter left off… a standoff near the shore.

Blue Wildebeest

We had an amazing sunrise in Ndutu, complete with wildebeest and zebras.

Blue Wildebeest

The combination of good light, low fog and wildlife was hard to beat.

African Lion Family

We saw a number of lions in Ndutu, and had a nice session with this mother and her five cubs one morning.

African Lion

We even saw a few lions in the trees.

Plains Zebra

There were some nice opportunities to photograph zebras at the water.

Plains Zebras

Zebras are a great subject for monochrome photography.

African Wildcat

We saw most of Tanzania’s felines on this trip. It took a few encounters with the African wildcat before we got even a brief photo opportunity.

Vervet Monkeys

We had some nice encounters with vervet monkeys in Lake Manyara National Park.


See the full Tanzania 2019 Wildlife & Scenery gallery in the photo archive. And remember that you can order prints of nearly any of these images.


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Want to join me on an African photo safari? My next trip will probably be in 2022. Contact me to learn more!


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