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New Photos: Patagonia 2019 Pumas

Last week I shared photos of wildlife and scenery from my most recent Patagonia tour. Those wildlife images excluded my puma photos from the trip. Once again, we had so many good cat encounters that the photos ended up in their own gallery.

View the full collection of puma photos in the stock archive here. A short preview is below.


Our first close encounter of the trip was a fleeting glimpse of a female puma and her tiny cubs early in the morning. Fortunately, we’d see much more of them later.


It took some effort to land our first clear photo ops, with more hiking involved than normal. Eventually this female did pop out in the open for us.


The last time I saw this female puma, she was a seven-month-old cub. This time, she was out on her own, surviving just fine despite the loss of an eye.

Puma cubs

We had a couple of amazing encounters with the small cub foursome. On this evening they came over a ridge and walked right to a carcass 25 meters in front of us… without mom!

Puma Cub

During this tour we encountered mother pumas with one, two, three and four cubs of various ages. These youngsters were estimated to be 4-5 weeks old, yet they weren’t too shy in our presence. What a treat to see them up close!

Juvenile Pumas

A mother and three juvenile cubs were feasting on a roadside carcass inside the park the last few days of our trip.

Puma Cub

The tiny cubs were on display on another evening, right near the road in Torres del Paine.

Puma Cub

Before they disappeared for the evening, this little cub ventured over to the perfect spot. Love that grass and the reflection.


After her cubs settled down, the mother finally emerged to go get dinner on her own. She ended up walking right by me.

Hunting Puma

Our final puma encounter involved this female cat, which attempted three different hunts. The first hunt was perhaps the most surprising, as she leaped into a pond and tried swimming after a swan. It didn’t pan out.

Hunting Puma

Hunting Puma


Afterward her failed swan hunt, she got out, shook the water off and came right at us. A nice way to end the tour.


View the full Patagonia 2019 Pumas gallery of 98 new images here. And remember that you can purchase prints of nearly any image in the archive.

Want to join me on a future Puma tour? I will likely be returning to southern Chile in 2021 or ’22. Learn more about the tour here or contact me directly for more information.


  1. Reny July 26, 2019 Reply

    What a great batch of puma pictures, love the cute cubs !

    • Author
      Max July 31, 2019 Reply

      Thank you, Reny!

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