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2019 Husky Football: Utah 33, Washington 28

Okay, so I missed the Oregon game. No, I’m not too sad about that. Despite the fact that I haven’t been around Husky Football in over a month, I have had some UW moments lately, which I’ll share before we get to today’s photos.

The reason I wasn’t here for the Duck loss is because I was flying back from London, where I attended the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. Though this event was strictly tied to my nature photography and not sports, I was sure to represent the W in a subtle way at least.

UW cufflinks

And was it a coincidence that our emcee for the night, noted wildlife photographer and filmmaker Chris Packham, was wearing a purple and gold tie? I think not. I did compliment him on that, by the way.

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So I had a good excuse for my absence. And before I was able to get back to Husky Stadium, we also had to deal with Halloween. This year we took our son (who is two-and-a-half) for his first real trick-or-treating outing. Since our own neighborhood stinks for this, we chose a random neighborhood to the south, driving around until we saw families going door to door. We managed to fit in a solid hour with our son, who by the end of it almost got all of his “Trick or Treats” and “Happy Halloweens” and “Thank Yous” in the right order.

Before turning in, we hit one last house on the corner. A lady opened the door wearing a vintage Husky Cheer outfit. My wife and I mentioned we were in the marching band and she got excited. As we turned to leave, she ran to get her husband… Captain Husky! For the next twenty minutes our boy was singing Bow Down to Washington and the alma mater in the car. A perfect ending to a Halloween night for this Dawg family.

Okay, on to game day photos. It was a lovely autumn day on Montlake, with plenty of fall colors surrounding the stadium.

Jim Owens statue

Unfortunately, an equally sunny start to the game eventually turned into a sour result, as Utah ground down the Huskies on both sides of the ball and prevailed 33-28.

See the full gallery of images from the game in the archive. Some of the “highlights” are below.

Husky Band

Drum majors perform during the Husky Band’s pregame show.


The Huskies come onto the field.

Husky Cheer

A member of the Husky Cheer squad waves purple smoke around during pregame.

C-17 Transport Plane

A C-17 transport plane approaches Husky Stadium.

Tuli Letuligasenoa

Tuli Letuligasenoa dances to one of the many canned tunes from the loudspeakers, while the Husky Band once again remains silent.

Tyler Huntley

Pieces go flying as Joe Tryon sacks Tyler Huntley.

Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason fumbles in the first half, one of his three crucial turnovers.


I have no idea what’s going on here.

Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason pitches to Andre Baccellia on an end-around.

Hunter Bryant

Hunter Bryant is wide open for a 34-yard touchdown.

Joe Tryon

Joe Tryon was a monster in the first half, getting to Tyler Huntley a couple of times.

Husky Fan

The Dawgs succumbed to the Dark Side today.

Laiatu Latu

Laiatu Latu closes in as Tyler Huntley hands off to Zack Moss.

Husky Defense

The Husky defense was stout for much of the first half.


The offensive line patiently waits their turn to get back on the field.

Devin Culp

Devin Culp has a crucial fourth-down catch…

Devin Culp

…until he doesn’t.

Samson Nacua

Elijah Molden breaks up a pass intended for Samson Nacua in the end zone.

JaZee Griffith

Husky feature twirler JaZee Griffith performs with the band at halftime.

Husky Band

A lonely clarinet is in the spotlight at halftime.

Terrell Bynum

Terrell Bynum had a nice performance, with 68 yards on 7 catches.

Husky Cheer

The Washington cheer squad enjoys a bit of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy second half.

Salvon Ahmed

Salvon Ahmed looks for, er… daylight.

Husky Cheer

The cheer squad goes crazy during Hunter Bryant’s 40-yard touchdown.

Hunter Bryant and Jacob Eason

Hunter Bryant and Jacob Eason celebrate their 40-yard scoring play.

Jackson Sirmon

Jackson Sirmon makes a huge stop at the goal line to prevent a 2-point conversion.

Marquis Spiker

Marquis Spiker almost comes down with a desperation heave by Jacob Eason.

Chris Petersen

Chris Petersen yells for a time out as the game reaches crunch time.

Check out a few more images in the photo archive.

Husky Stadium Photo Prints


  1. Tim November 4, 2019 Reply

    Nice shots! What’s your kit? I shoot high school football, Canon 1dxmii, 400 2.8 is my primary lens. Love to know how you’re set up. Thanks!

    • Author
      Max November 4, 2019 Reply

      Tim, I typically have three bodies: 1DXII, 1DX and 1D Mark IV, with a 600mm (my primary big lens which I use for a lot of my nature work), either 100-400mm or 70-200mm (depending on kickoff time) on the 1DX, and either 24-70mm 2.8 or 17-40mm on the 1DIV. If I could afford a 200-400mm, I’d probably use that for football instead of the 600. It could be handy for some of my wildlife work as well, so some day…

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