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2019 Apple Cup: UW 31, WSU 13

Game Day for the final time this year at Husky Stadium. Today marked the 112th Apple Cup between UW and WSU (it’s also the tenth anniversary of the last Apple Cup in the old Husky Stadium, which I covered in a time lapse video). Though the Cougars have improved greatly under Mike Leach, the Dawgs seem to have their number every year. This year’s struggles on Montlake had some questioning today’s outcome. Not me…

See the full gallery here. Some favorites are below.

Dubs II

Dubs II leads the team onto the field.


Another military flyover delighted fans at Husky Stadium.

Nick Harris

Senior Nick Harris and his loved ones pose before his final game in Husky Stadium.

Nick Harris

Nick Harris has a quiet moment prior to his final home game.

Benning Potoa'e

Benning Potoa’e slows down Cougar quarterback Anthony Gordon.

Benning Potoa'e

Benning Potoa’e celebrates a big defensive play.

Salvon Ahmed

Salvon Ahmed makes progress toward the end zone.

Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason is fired up after he scores the Huskies’ first touchdown of the game.

Bob Gregory

Washington linebackers coach Bob Gregory barks instructions during a play.

Hunter Bryant

Hunter Bryant breaks free from Cougar linebacker Jahad Woods.

Terrell Bynum

Terrell Bynum hauls in a 16 yard pass from Jacob Eason for a touchdown.

Terrell Bynum

Bynum’s touchdown put the Huskies ahead 14-10.

Husky and Cougar Dance Squads

The Husky and Cougar dance squads perform a joint routine.

Huskies and Cougars

The rivalry continues.

Joe Tryon

Joe Tryon embraces Anthony Gordon for one of his two sacks.

Elijah Molden

Elijah Molden grabs an interception late in the first half.

Cougar Band

The Cougar drumline has some fun during their halftime show.

Husky Band

Drum major Evan Deiparine entertains the crowd at halftime.

Dubs II

Dubs leads the team onto the field for the start of the second half.

Jimmy Lake

Husky defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake asks the ref if he wants his hand warmer back.

Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason prepares to fire a pass downfield. Eason finished with 244 yards and a passing touchdown.

Husky Fans

Husky students are excited about cheering on the Dawgs.

Husky Stadium

Afternoon action on a sunny, cold day at Husky Stadium.

Joe Tryon

Joe Tryon registers his second sack.


The Huskies try in vain to block a field goal attempt.


Referees untangle the pile after it was determined that Aaron Fuller fumbled.

Husky Fans

Yes, there is a Cheez-It box rooting on the Huskies.

Trent McDuffie

Trent McDuffie hauls in a big interception.

Trent McDuffie and Elijah Molden

Trent McDuffie and Elijah Molden celebrate McDuffie’s interception.

Ryan Bowman

Ryan Bowman looks for a path to the quarterback.

Cougs Drop One

Cougar receivers Donovan Ollie (13) and Tay Martin both leap for a ball in the end zone… causing it to fall incomplete.

Brandon Wellington

Brandon Wellington exults following another big stop by the Husky defense.

Husky Fans

Dawg fans are excited about yet another Apple Cup win.


The Huskies celebrate yet another Apple Cup victory.


Washington has now won seven straight Apple Cups.

Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason holds aloft the Apple Cup trophy.


See a few more photos in the full gallery in the photo archive.


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