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2019 in Review: Sharing My Clients’ Photos

I’m kicking off my annual photography review content with a collection of images from my tour clients. Throughout the past twelve months I’ve shared a number of fun experiences on the road with my guests, so this post highlights some of their photos from the year that was. These, of course, are images taken during the tours I led, either locally or abroad, but you can click through to see more of their respective work in the links I’ve provided below.

All photos below are posted with permission and remain the intellectual property of their original owners.  Please respect their copyrights!

Lion fight by Steve Santel

The most exciting moment of my February Tanzania tour occurred when a pride of lions attacked and chased off an interloper. See more of Steve’s work.

Lion fight by Pat Nowotny

Steve and Pat were in the same vehicle, so it was interesting to see how they captured different moments of the battle at a close position, but from different perspectives.

Lion cubs by Pat Nowotny

Sure, it’s tough to get a clear view of tiny lion cubs in super long grass, but Pat was in just the right spot to get them all lined up in a row as they paraded along. See more of Pat’s work.

Black-Chested Snake Eagle by Dan Waugh

We saw numerous raptor species during my Tanzania safari. Dan was patient enough to wait this eagle out and capture it the moment it took off from its perch on the plains of Ndutu.

Ridgway's Pygmy-Owl by Mike Bisson

We saw several owl species during my Costa Rica tour. The smallest was the Ridgway’s Pygmy-owl, which Mike captured wonderfully amidst these unique “monkey chain” vines.

Eyelash Viper by Carl Monopoli

One of the most beautiful animals we found during my March Costa Rica tour was the eyelash viper. This was the first of two of these beautiful discovered along the trail. Carl took time to set up in a rainstorm to photograph this specimen using a slow shutter speed (needed in order to compensate for the increased depth of field). See more of Carl’s work.

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Puma by Tom Peterson

Pumas were the main goal of my Patagonia tour in May, and this was just one of many close encounters. Tom captured this female crossing right in front of us just after the sun had gone down behind the mountain. Proximity? Maybe 20 meters, tops.

Guanaco and rainbow by Amy Heinen

We spent one stormy May afternoon getting teased by a rainbow on the edge of Torres del Paine National Park. It would flare up and then immediately die down. The whole time we were looking for guanacos or some other subject to place in front of it. We finally spied some, and while I wandered down the road to see if there were any better angles for the group to shoot from, well… they didn’t need my help as it turned out. Amy nailed this lovely composition.

Puma by Amy Heinen

During my May Patagonia tour, we were following this female puma as she stalked guanacos. She paused with this spectacular peak in the background. I happened to be too far ahead, but Amy was just in the right spot to nail the right composition. See more of Amy’s work.

Yellowstone Sunrise by Jane Motley

When we arrived in Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley at the beginning of my June tour, the sun was just about to disappear behind the thick layer of fog. Jane was able to hop out of the vehicle and capture this moody scene before haze descended.

Red fox kit by Cris Waller

The red foxes of the San Juan Islands lived within view of the water, but it wasn’t always easy to capture them with the aquatic backdrop on display. Cris did a great job composing this shot.

Red fox family by Steve Santel

Steve joined one of my red fox outings in June, and we had some magical shoots with this family. Here, two red kits seek attention from one of the two adults (this one a “silver” colored vixen) that was taking care of them. See more of Steve’s work.

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Spirit bear and raven by Richard Sandor

During my Great Bear Rainforest trip, we got a few glimpses of this spirit bear as it fed on fresh salmon up the creek above us. Richard managed to sneak a shot of the bear hanging out with a raven, which was waiting to steal a bite.

Great Blue Heron with Catch by Richard Sandor

Richard managed to capture this interesting behavior from the Zodiac. We watched this Great Blue Heron balance itself delicately on floating kelp beds while hunting. It managed to stay upright above the water’s surface before stabbing into the water and catching a young ling cod.

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