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New Video: Yellowstone’s Winter Wolves

As a companion piece to the new gallery of wolf photos I just published, I’ve uploaded my first Yellowstone video in several years: Yellowstone’s Winter Wolves.

I used to shoot a lot more video during my trips in the park—you can see all of the compilations I put together from those trips on my YouTube Channel—but eventually a lack of time led me to give up on movie-making. I actually love editing video, but I can barely keep up with photo editing any more, and I know where my bread is buttered.

During my most recent winter trip, I quickly realized the wolves I was seeing were giving me more time than expected, so I started occasionally sneaking in some video shooting amidst all of the stills. I didn’t record as much footage as I expected (given that I shot over 2000 wolf photos on this trip, I actually thought there would be a lot more video), but it was enough to put together a few clips and set them to music.

Enjoy the winter wolves of Yellowstone, and be sure to check out the new wolf photo gallery from this trip in the archive!



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