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New Video: An Introduction to Yellowstone Wolves

A friend recently asked me if I’d put together a presentation offering a basic introduction to the topic of wolves in Yellowstone. I think he was hoping for new content to show his son during the Coronavirus shutdown, but instead of doing a slideshow or a Zoom presentation, I decided to publish a video on my YouTube channel.

This is different from my other recent Yellowstone Wolves video, which was a basic compilation of clips from my recent winter trip (in the style of most of my other videos). This is intended as a rudimentary starting point for younger viewers or for those who aren’t familiar with Yellowstone and its wolves. So for many of you, it won’t present new information, but maybe you’ll still enjoy the photos and video clips.


I’d Like Your Feedback!

There’s a possibility that I can put together some additional “Learning About Wildlife” videos using my photos or video content, so if there’s a nature/photography topic you’re keen on learning more about, or if you’ve got questions for me that could be answered in a future Q&A video, please chime in via the comments below or send me an email.

Thanks for watching!


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