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New Video: Awesome Insectivores

Like everyone else, I’m still stuck at home, so I’ve been able to put together my second video in the Learning About Wildlife series. I kicked this off with a video on Yellowstone wolves, which was a topic requested by a friend, and I’m slowly compiling other ideas for subjects that I can discuss while sharing some photos and videos I’ve taken over the years.

As with the wolf video, this is intended as a basic introduction to animals for viewers who may not be familiar with certain species or the places where they live, including younger viewers. This episode focuses on some of the cooler mammal species I’ve been lucky enough to see in the wild.

The main trait they share is that they eat a lot of bugs. But it’s not that behavior that drew me to them. Rather, I’m attracted to the bizarre and unique adaptations they’ve developed over time as a result of subsisting on insects, and the fact that they’re often quite hard to find. Some of these species are among the most elusive animals I’ll ever see in my lifetime!


There’s a possibility that I can put together more “Learning About Wildlife” videos using my photos or video content, so if there’s a nature/photography topic you’re keen on learning more about, or if you’ve got questions for me that could be answered in a future Q&A video, please chime in via the comments below or send me an email.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hope Miller May 1, 2020 Reply

    Ok, so I loved the insectivores video! Why? Well, I wasn’t sure at first. I watched the yellowstone wolves video, yellowstone being the most favorite place I’ve ever been!, but even tho I enjoyed it, I liked this video better. I’m not a fan of bugs, or the eating of them, however I found the details about these bug eaters amazing and here is why….. I didn’t know the majority of the facts. It was new. Maybe that’s why I just liked the wolves video instead of loving it, I knew those things.
    So here is your challenge……do another video on yellowstone, you pick the animal, although grizzlies are favorite😊, but tell me what I don’t know. Tell me what the average goer to yellowstone may not have any clue about, maybe a particular habit of an animal characteristic only to yellowstone, or where do they hang out, ( that might give away your secrets)or any unusual facts about an animal that are not in every yellowstone book you read. Yes, I know your videos are geared to younger audiences, but that’s my suggestion.
    FYI we stayed in your larger cabin in 2018, loved it!

    • Author
      Max May 1, 2020 Reply

      Thanks Hope! Love the feedback. I do have more Yellowstone-related topics on my list, but I guess we’ll see if there’s any sort of obscure knowledge I’ll be able to throw in there that park veterans won’t already know.

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