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New Photos: Yellowstone Fall 2020

The latest gallery in the photo archive contains images from two trips to Yellowstone, both of which took place in October last year. The first was a family trip… a lot of fun, but little in the way of photography. The second was more intense, with a lot of nice and surprising photo opportunities coming out of it. If you missed the trip reports I shared during the second visit, you may read them starting here.

Jump straight to the new gallery containing 158 photos from these trips, or enjoy the preview below first.

Swimming bison

Bison swim across the Yellowstone River.

Snow-covered bison

A lonely bull bison endures the cold after an autumn snow storm.


Coyotes hunt and rest in the snow.

Canada Jay catching a spider

It was pretty cool seeing jays and nutcrackers hunting spiders on top of the snow!


Not many views of moose in the park, but we had a couple of good encounters near our property in Silver Gate.

Red Fox

I had a number of red fox encounters during my October trips.

Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owls were active later in the month.

Great Gray Owl

It was nice getting a few different opportunities to photograph these handsome birds.

American Red Squirrel

Red squirrels were a common sight throughout the trips.

Gray Wolf

We had one nice, albeit semi-distant wolf encounter in October.

View the full Yellowstone Fall 2020 gallery.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the park. I’ve completed one winter visit already, and am heading back to Yellowstone for another. Follow the trip reports in the blog.


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